Design activities start early and stay late. To assure efficient management of all design scenarios, HARRIS a+dm provides these general categories of service.


The realistic evaluation of the design consultants’ capabilities and a coordinated delineation of their scope form a foundation for the design team’s work. As such, their individual contracts are more than legal agreements – they are guiding documents for their collaborative efforts and a fundamental component of their success as a team. Services include project analysis, consultant team evaluation, and detailed scope assignment to avoid many typical conflicts before they start.


Active and objective design management of the Architect, Interior Designer, and other primary design consultants is required to meet the measurable goals of budget and schedule without compromising the equally important design expectations for the project. In addition to the Contract Coordination services mentioned above, Design Management services include confirming schedule and staffing, review of design and documentation planning, and active monitoring of the design effort from Concept Design through Construction – with proactive intervention as required.


All project teams are different, and in some cases the addition of organized support for a strong Owner, Operator or Project Manager may sufficiently complement an existing design team to assure maximum design value is achieved. Design Administration services include active monitoring of design related communication and tasks, and regular communication with the Owner/Client and Project Manager regarding the progress of the design effort.


For existing projects, or projects where comprehensive design management is not warranted, individual design management services can be provided on an as-needed basis, including dispute or issue resolution and milestone document audits.