SERVICES / Distinct Services

HARRIS a+dm provides the following Design Management services on a stand-alone basis as needed.


 Analyze and report on the design and documentation requirements of the project.

 Analyze of the need for as-built drawings on existing projects.

 Attend and take part in consultant interviews, and report observations.

 Evaluate the proposed or selected design consultants and report on the relative strengths of the primary design team members, including design and documentation.

 Conduct a work session to finalize an expanded differentiation document establishing detailed design and documentation requirements.

 Evaluate the sufficiency of consultant fees and staff availability.

 Assist in finalizing coordinated agreements with the primary design consultants.


 Review the design consultantsí staffing and labor estimates and evaluate their adequacy for completing the project or interim milestone event.

 Review drawings for compliance with project design program.

 Perform milestone document audits for consistency, completeness, and suitability for use during construction. Issue a design and construction task list of incorrect or omitted items.


 Assist in resolving conflicts between the Owner, the design team, and the contractor.

 Visit the project to observe the implementation of the design, and produce a design and construction task list of incorrect or omitted items


 Review and evaluate claims regarding the design teamsí performance.