SERVICES / Design Contract Coordination

HARRIS a+dm provides the following Design Contract Coordination Services as an integral part of Design Management or as a stand-alone service.


· Review the Owner’s design priorities for the project.

· Analyze the design and documentation requirements for the project.

· Review the Client's RFP to assure that those requirements have been accurately conveyed to the potential consultants.

· Evaluate the selected consultants’ capabilities during office visits, in-depth discussions with the proposed project team and manager, and a thorough review of the consultants’ standard design documentation.

· Report to the Client on the relative strengths of the primary design team members, including design and documentation.

· Review the project schedule, budget and design standard with the consultants and obtain confirmation of their understanding and acceptance.

· Conduct a working session to finalize an expanded differentiation document establishing detailed design and documentation requirements.

· Issue a final report on the differentiation document including any concerns regarding the capabilities of the selected design team to achieve the project goals.

· Prepare a coordinated design and documentation milestone schedule.

· Establish guidelines for design consultant communication.

· Review and resolve procedures for concurrent use of CAD drawings during the project.

· Evaluate the sufficiency of consultant fees and staff availability.

· Assist the Client in finalizing coordinated agreements with the primary design consultants.