SERVICES / Design Administration

HARRIS a+dm provides the following Design Administration services as a limited alternative to full Design Management.


· Selected Design Contract Coordination services.


· Record Owner’s budget and requirements for milestone cost estimates.

· Monitor the primary design consultants’ contract compliance.

· Review the comprehensive design and documentation schedule developed by the consultants.

· Monitor and record significant communication between consultants and notify Client if warranted.

· Review minutes of project team meetings.

· Review design team agendas.

· Review minutes of specific design meetings.

· Document design decisions and design and documentation task lists.

· Review drawings for compliance with project design program and monitor consultant follow-up.

· Issue monthly status reports noting design consultant progress on recorded tasks.

· Monitor the design consultants’ compliance with recorded schedule, budget, Operator standards and Client comments.

· Record the design consultants’ documentation requirements for each milestone drawing issue.

· Perform milestone document audits.

· Review design consultants’ invoices against design and documentation progress.


· Review requirements and schedule for material samples and mock-ups.

· Monitor design consultants’ activities affecting design quality, project budget and construction schedule.

· Review minutes of project team meetings, and monitor design consultants response to contractor queries and RFI’s.

· Review construction punch lists.