Design entices and it sells, but the complex team needed to create today’s luxury hotel, spa or senior living project is large, expensive, and fragmented  –  with multiple design authorities working toward independent, often conflicting goals. For many reasons, comprehensive management of the design team is no longer provided by the architect, and active design management is not included in traditional project management services. With the financial success of these projects riding in large part on their design quality, HARRIS ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN MANAGEMENT was established to address this need.


Proactive coordination and management of the primary design consultants – architect, interior designer, lighting, landscape and others – minimizes the conflict and inefficiencies inherent in the traditional project management approach. Design management objectively considers and responds to the team’s strengths and weaknesses and actively monitors their performance and progress. Conflicts that can slow or stop the team’s momentum are avoided before they happen, and the design team can focus on meeting their real challenge – achieving the highest possible design quality and producing comprehensive and accurate design documentation.


The design doesn’t manage itself.


HARRIS a+dm protects and enhances the complex architectural design effort, providing principled design management characterized by uncompromised design standards, objective analysis, and proactive intervention.